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In the semi-distant future, after the world is ravaged by nuclear war, 99.9% of the population is rendered incapable of having sex. These are the "Sex Negatives" ("Neggies" for short), forever cursed to derive their only pleasure from watching the rare Sex Positives (or "Pozzies") have sex on the #1 TV show in the world, Cafe Flesh. Unfortunately, these Pozzies are an endangered species - and when the last one spontaneously combusts, it's time to take a blast to the past in an unpredictable time machine to acquire some fresh meat - er, talent.

Join Sunset Thomas and an all-star cast as they stretch the limits of the imagination--as well as a few tight orifices--in this sex soaked sci-fi sequel from award-winning director Antonio Passolini.

DVD Features: • Full-Motion Chapter Menu • Sex on Demand • Director's Commentary • Interactive Behind The Scenes • Bloopers • Bonus Scenes • Alternate Ending • Director's Sketch Book • True Multiple Angles • Party Loop • Test Your Brain-Interactive Game • Wall-to-Wall Mode • Photo Gallery • Star Bios • Movie Previews • Auto Start/Auto Repeat • Easter Eggs

Studio: VCA

'CAFE FLESH #3' stars: Sean Silver  Serena South  Tony Sexton  Sunset Thomas  Aria  Kurt Lockwood  Olivia Saint  Tyce Bune  Joel Lawrence  Rachel Rotten  Steven French  Matt Bixel  Rob Rotten  Gina Ryder 

Directed by: Antonio Passolini 

Title Star

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