ADAM: The Solo Release

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ADAM: The Solo Release DVD/PPV from Defiant Productions

"An attractive young skater named Adam has an affection for jerking on his 18-year-old cock. He skateboards around the city, strips off his clothes, tugs on his delicious cock, shoves a dildo up his incredibly tight, hot ass, launches loads that plaster his eye shut, sprays cum up past his head, then hungrily licks the sweet boy-juice from his fingers, and eats his own cum as if he needs it for an energy boost for his daring skateboarding feats, and makes such a mess that he has no choice but to take a shower. Yes, you get to watch him scrub his young hard body clean."

Running Time: 120 Minutes

Studio: Defiant Productions

Directed by: Joe Serna 

Title Star

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