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The second installment, and how rare is this, is not only just as good as the first, but perhaps even better. Director Max Julien has made sure that every scene has at least one stunner in it, and the straightforward meticulously edited sex sparks nearly ever time it's supposed to. This video also has an added attraction of scandal attached to it, for one of its models has reached a sort of fame by being booted off the police force for posing in a gay rag.

Studio: Marco Studio

'OPPOSITE ATTRACTION #2' stars: Claduio Dumont  Angelo Lins  Bruno Corona  Tiago Nunes  Rual Dias  Gabriel Feria  Ernesto Goulart  Gabriel Trepador  Michael Dias  Julio Vidal  Roberto Aguilar  Gil Torres  Ivan De Morais  Luis Lage 

Directed by: Max Julien 

Title Star

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