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PERSONAL TIME #2 DVD/PPV from Defiant Productions

Cameron has that classic naughty Defiant boy look, stretched out on the couch in jeans, blue t-shirt, white choker, green knit cap, white socks, and blue briefs. After rubbing himself through his briefs, he loses the cap and shirt, exposing tousled hair and a massive tattoo on his chest. Before long, Cameronís boyish boner pops out, while he rubs his pierced left tit and fingers his hole. Lube adds even more spring to his boner and, after kissing his knee and showing off his nice balls, Cameron settles into a serious jerk off and his cock shows impressive tensile strength

Devon is a hot little blonde boy in jeans, boxers and a wife beater, who gets straight to the point: "Iím here to jack off." He carries a straight porn magazine for inspiration. He shows off his tight, fuzzy little ass and settles into a skater boy jack off as his cock grows to respectability. After some intense stroking, Devon speeds up and spews a surprisingly impressive load, including a geyser blast over his shoulder. "Guess I made a mess," he deadpans, showing off and sniffing his boy load

Nate is a lot more chatty than the other dudes as he stretches out on the floor in jeans and a baseball cap.Pressed by the cameraman to explain just how far he would go with another dude, Nate says heís okay with kissing, having another guy suck his dick or jerk him off, but "no penetration."

Justin just might be the sexiest looking new Defiant boy: great face, tight body, and quietly in-your-face attitude. He must be getting laid constantly because the boy, disappointingly, shoots blanks. He starts his scene pretty cocky ("Ready to see a good show?") and obviously gets off on being watched. Justin has reddish pubes and nice skater boy boner and he looks like he would be a blast to hook up with. But thereís not much of a blast here. "Ready to see me cum?" he asks, promising, "Iím ready to cum for you." His small load is so watery that itís almost invisible. Letís just hope Justinís getting a lot of pussy orÖ?

Running Time: 120 Minutes

Studio: Defiant Productions

Directed by: Joe Serna 

Title Star

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