ROCKETS #3 - Duck And Cover

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Watch ROCKETS #3 - Duck And Cover from Defiant Productions on PayPerView (PPV) right now or buy this film on DVD!

ROCKETS #3 - Duck And Cover DVD/PPV from Defiant Productions

For those of you scoring at home, this generous video has 10 scenes and one final treat: instant replays of all the money shots, first in slo-mo and then in real time. (And if you are still alert after nearly two hours of ROCKETS 3: DUCK AND COVER, you'll notice that we even get an extra cum shot from Luis.) If this were a competition, the only fair thing to do would probably be to have multiple categories. For example: distance and power (Isao?); volume and texture (Luis?); artistic merit (Corbin?). You'll just have to replay these replays until you're completely satisfied with your scores.

Studio: Defiant Productions

Directed by: Joe Serna 

Title Star

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