2 A.M. - Last Call

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2 A.M. - Last Call DVD/PPV from VCA

Kelly O'Dell delivers a chilling performance as a deranged susurban housewife whose sexual and psychological needs have been long ignored by her social-climbing huband. Then one fateful evening she simply snaps, aimlessly wandering the neon-lit city streets in search of passion, companionship and ultimately, a release for the demons plaquing her shattered mind. Come with Kelly and meet the deizens of the urban jungle at night, the sleepless souls wandering a torturous path of sexual misadventures in their neverending quest for peace of mind at 2 A.M.

Studio: VCA

'2 A.M. - Last Call' stars: Candy Apples  Steve Hatcher  Kyle Stone  John Decker  Morgan Fairlane  Vince Voyeur  Nicole London  Kelly O'Dell  Mike Horner  Annah Marie  Roxanne Hall  Alexandra Silk 

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