X FACTOR #2 - The Next Generation

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X FACTOR #2 - The Next Generation DVD/PPV from Hollywood Video

The beautiful love story continues. Set in scenic Malibu, this video brings together the steamy, sultry side and the warm, sensitive side in a touching love story. Few films in the history of adult cinema reached the heights of X Factor. Now the long awaited sequel has arrived and in the tradition of the foregoing, this high budgeted 35mm movie brings back an excellence to the adult industry that has been missing for years. Here is a motion picture that is a true classic.

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Studio: Hollywood Video

'X FACTOR #2 - The Next Generation' stars: Marc Wallice  Gail Force  Buck Adams  Raven Richards  Tracey Adams  Jamie Lee  Heather Hart  Ron Jeremy  Jon Dough  Jim South  Eric Edwards  Taylor Wane 

Directed by: Charles Grey 

Title Star

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